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a few well placed random thoughts...

la la la la la

31 October
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Hey everyone, thanks for reading me. I'm starting at a new school this year at PAA, and I am very excited about some of the classes they have. I'm going to try to get drama, or this other class where you make your own cd. I love to sing, and I am in Allegria, the select choir. I don't really know what to say about myself, um, I love animals and especially horses. I really miss riding. My favorite color is red, and then dark or olive green. And chocolate, i love chocolate, dark, bitter-sweet, milk or white.... all of it. I like to bake truffles or cheesecake, or any other dessert. And the best flavor ever is Raspberry! One of my life passions is music, right now I think thats what I'm going to major in.