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a few well placed random thoughts...

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so the hurricane... Aug. 15th, 2004 @ 08:42 pm

hey everyone, its sunday night over in Tennessee, i'm actually sitting in the Southern College library pc lab... this is the first time i have had internet access since i left last wednesday. we went to disney world and went on some rides, the best is the Rock'n'Rollin Coaster featuring Aerosmith. awesome.then space mountain. dude, disney world is kinda weird, feels like another planet, cause everything is so different. but i really liked Epcott, they have the World showcase there, in case you dont know what that is it's like little miniature towns representing some of the major countries around the world, and the people staffing each country are actually from there. neat. i got my souviner from italy. it's awesome.

on friday though, we had hurricane charley come in. it blew right over us! soo cool, because it wasn't too dangerous by  the time it got to Orlando. so we sat and watched it and the olympics opening ceremony. we never got to go to the water parks though because the were closed because of the weather. so now, i am visiting my grandparents here at southern, and then i will get to come home. and go to school. I'm going to miss all you college people... maybe i can look up justin while i'm here, if he's here yet.

well, i have a bunch of stuff to do, hopefully i can be back later this week to check on this or my email. i come home late thursday night. lets do some thing this weekend you guys.

Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

insane? no i must have read that wrong... Aug. 10th, 2004 @ 10:14 pm

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so last night... Aug. 10th, 2004 @ 09:42 pm
i saw the Manchurian canidate last night, it was really different, good though. it provokes some slightly freaky thoughts about our country and a bunch of stuff. anyway, i'm sitting here writing when i should be finishing packing. i wanted to do something tonight before i left, but i have to get up at some ungodly hour to go to the airport and go to Orlando. and then to see my grandpa at least one last time.
I'm really excited because one of my friends, who i've been out of contact with most of the summer is going to be home soon, so i can talk to him soon. i've really missed him, great friend...
well, if anyone really needs to contact me, which i highly doubt considering the amount of phone calls i receive each day, i'll have my cell with me. i will get home on the 19th, and i think i'll have computer access, so I'll try to update and you can get me there too. I'll miss you all! *large tears roll down her cheeks, she sniffs* especially with the whole school thing, *brightens* but i have neat classes!
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Current Music: mercy me is stuck in my head...

the fair! Aug. 9th, 2004 @ 11:43 am

yeah, so I'm going to the fair today... with my little sister and all her little friends... fun. but its ok because i'm only going for two things, the horse shows and the food. i'm not going to go on any rides or anything. It costs way too much to do all that. so I bought a ticket ahead of time for like two bucks off, and that's most of what i'm going to spend. And then tomorrow i get to finish packing and go to bed early because, i have to be up at like stinking 5 in the morning! our plane leaves at like seven something, so we have to be up way too early. and then i am off to disney world! I've never been there, that's kinda why we are going, my lil sis and i havent been. see, then i will go on the rides there, way better than a county fair.too bad they dont have horse shows though.that would be awesome. anyways, hope y'all have a good day and dont freak your self out chris, because doom 3 is still scary in daylight. hehe

Current Mood: happyhappy

hehe funny... Aug. 7th, 2004 @ 08:11 pm
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Other entries
» ok
ok, so, today is really boring, the concert last night was awesome. what a letdown. i really would love to see everyone, because i am BORED!!!!!!!!!!!! so lets do something, its hot out, who has a pool? oh yeah, but chris hates me sooo...dang. and that leaves me still bored.
and isnt he lovely? ok, really bored now, if im reduced to posting male pictures. must find a distraction.

» when do you get back?
hey britt, and bri!
I'm glad you guys are having fun, but when do you all get back? I leave next week for Orlando, and then my grandparents in tennessee. i come back the 18th, but start school on the 23rd. i want to see if we can all do something before then... so if you can get back to me soon, that'd be great.
» Mercy me/Micheal W. Smith
Hey, who's going to the Mercy me/Micheal W. Smith concert this weekend? i apparently have a ticket, and i need to know who's going, and like if i could find a ride and stuff.
» this sucks...
I have to start school on the 23rd of August... doesnt that suck? I guess its because i get a two week spring break... hahahahaha, but it still sucks. man, my days are going to be frickin long too, there by seven and then i have stuff after school too. FUN! and then add driving time, in a stick. but its a cool car. i think i get to drive my daddy's convertible, the 318i. pretty car. i need to take it out for a drive... get used to a stick again. i'm excited, but i have like two/three weeks and then im in school! it seems so short! oh well. there is a great song, the lyrics are really beautiful, "to where you are" it's sung by Josh groban, and its beautiful. anyways, i hope everyone is having a good summer, i'm having oh so much fun trying to get enrolled, which i am but still have to do the locker thing and turn in the last of my paper work. and i might get to go shopping, which would be really fun, i could use a few shirts. i did most of my shopping already but there's always a few things that i forget the first time. blah blah blah blah

i was talking to my friend last night and he's going to go see his bro! so i told him to say hi for me...i hate never seeing some people. it really sucks. totally.
» the notebook
My mom, little sister Lindsey, and I are going to see the Notebook, it looks good, though I heard it was sad. has anyone seen it? anyways, see ya later.
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